I have always enjoyed helping other people. I thought one of my callings was to be a teacher at some point in my life, but I had already gone to school, got my degree in marketing and I was not thrilled about going back, so I never did. I have also always been an active and athletic person, playing lots of different sports and being a captain nearly every year. It seemed like I was meant to lead. But through the years, I never stuck with one sport, or subject. Then, moving onto college, the sports were even less available unless I wanted to play competitively. I just couldn't find my niche. 

Being that I was always really athletic, I got pretty acquainted with the gym and getting into a workout routine. Through college and into my early career days, I managed to find (some) time to devote to a workout. While I enjoyed the active lifestyle, I wanted something more. Fast forward to getting my first few career jobs out of college, I felt like I was getting somewhere professionally. Marketing. Turns out, it was pretty cool! My second job out of college was at a marketing agency and got a feel for more of the fast-paced life and working with clients on the daily. I found that I really loved working with clients (at least the non-crazy ones), and helping them with their needs. There was also a huge learning opportunity for me in this role, so I soaked up as much of it as I could. While I really enjoyed what I was doing, there was still something missing... whelp, time to move to New Zealand (you can learn more about that here). So there I was: an athlete wanting more, a marketer eager to keep learning, and a gal with a desire to help others living or traveling abroad. Now what...?

Enter Beachbody. And my niche.

Now, I had heard about the coaching opportunity before - mainly because I owned an at-home workout program Turbo Fire - but the timing never seemed right. With all these personal and professional desires looming over me and a coaching internship presented to me, I started to piece everything together. I realized that I could only gain something from this experience. I knew I wouldn't get rich quick or have some amazingly huge physical transformation, but what I could do was work on my own health (fitness and nutrition), learn from some amazing leaders in the business, while inspiring and helping others reach their own goals. Now, I don't know about you, but to me that hits the nail on the Kelsey head. 

By having a trainer in my home and a shake in my hand, I have completely changed my life. It wasn't a drastic change (or immediate), just something small that ended up turning into something GRAND. By realizing what these programs and products can do for my mind and body, I wondered how many other people could benefit from them with my help and motivation. Don't get me wrong, it's not easy. But it's extremely rewarding, and for me, that's enough motivation to keep on keeping on. Ever since I took the leap to become a Coach, my heart has been in this 100%.

So, what does being a coach entail? It's simple. I help others accomplish their health and fitness goals through a lifestyle change. If you want to see and FEEL change in your life, let's spend 30 minutes a day getting you there. But it's not just physical. Like I said before, this is a lifestyle, and with that comes the nutritional component. You CANNOT change your health by just working out, you must incorporate a healthy diet as well. What I will almost always recommend first for anyone needing change: Shakeology. If you've heard of this meal replacement shake and been skeptical, you're not alone. I was right there a few years ago. But the truth is, once I did some un-biased research and gave it a chance by incorporating this super food and nutrient-packed goodness into my daily routine, I realized what my body had been missing out on. Anyone can make this small adjustment to their diet. It's a great first step to building healthier habits without changing much at all in their daily routine.  

I want to be your accountability partner and help you stay strong while you make the commitment to yourself. The question is, do you WANT the help? If you have any questions about what I've mentioned above, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.


My Transformations

These snap shots show my progress through a few weeks, to a few months, and finally, a YEAR of hard work and dedication. While I haven't ALWAYS been 100% consistent, I never once lost sight of my goals.