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Kelsey Jacoby

Hiya, I'm Kelsey! I'm a thirty-something native of Northern California, and currently living in the Land of Angels with the love of my life. I don’t think we’ll call it home forever, but for now, we’re enjoying seeing celebrities from time to time and the extra Vitamin D.

I attended California State University, Sacramento and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing. Being of the Millennial generation, digital media has played a huge role in helping me decide what I would do with my life, and Marketing just seemed to be a great fit. I've always been a people person and I love to network and meet like-minded people. But I've also always been a leader, in many aspects of my life. Whether I was a captain on a sports team, or helping others in school work or just general motivation, I've always loved helping people. After college I was in two marketing-related roles for two very different types of companies. Both had the their pros and cons, but I wouldn't give up those experiences and what I learned for anything.

We moved to New Zealand in 2014 and it was an experience I know we’ll never forget. You can check out my blog for more fun-filled adventures, and I’m always happy to lend some suggestions if you plan to holiday down under-er. One of my favorites was swimming with wild dolphins in the frigid South Pacific Ocean.

When we got back to the States, it took a few months for me to find my footing career-wise. I had been a Beachbody Coach for about a year and thought I could make that come to fruition full-time. That wasn’t in my cards, and while I often felt defeated, I pretended my way through it. I loved the programs (and still do!) and mostly loved the protein shakes and performance supplement line, but I definitely tried hard to fit that mold.

After about 3 1/2 years, and to make a long story short, I left Beachbody and found another company - one with a much better compensation plan - that felt more my style as when it came to biohacking and looking deeper than just basic nutrition and exercise. To me, the company is quite amazing and I think I’ll always be part of the community. (For more information, go here).

Through all this, I’ve found a community - primarily on Instagram - who want to challenge the status quo and disrupt what we’ve been taught and told for so long regarding health. Diseases and illnesses are far too rampant, and I am doing what I can to prevent either from happening to me or my family. I'm blessed with the health I was given at birth, but it's up to me to maintain it and teach my current and future family what options we all have at our fingertips. I truly feel I am called to do more and help others in the big, vast field of health.

Whether you need a kick start with your health, or you want to spread the love and help others like I am, I want to hear from you! I'm looking for people that are open and willing to learn and who really want to see and feel a change in their lives. Get in touch with me! Use the contact form, or email me at and let's chat!

Just a little bit about me, in pictures.