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Kelsey Jacoby

Howdy, I'm Kelsey, aka Kelso! I'm and twenty-something native of Northern California, recently returned from the land down under-er: New Zealand, and currently living in the Land of Angels! I'm not one of those uber brave people that can just pick up and move across the world by myself. Actually, the whole reason I was able to make that big move was due to my boyfriend. After receiving a job offer, we decided why not, got our things in order, sold stuff and moved to Sunny Nelson, New Zealand in January of 2014. While we had an amazing experience and enjoyed absolutely every minute of living and exploring the beautiful country, we knew it wouldn't be forever. With growing (and ageing) family back home, and the desire to (eventually) start one of our own someday, we decided a year and half was just about the right time to head back home. 

As I mentioned, I'm a native of Northern California, but more specifically, Sacramento (or as we Sacramentans call it: SacTown!). I attended California State University, Sacramento and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. Being of the Millennial generation, digital media has played a huge role in helping me decide what I would do with my life, and Marketing just seemed to be a great fit. I've always been a people person and I love to network and meet like-minded people. But I've also always been a leader, in many aspects of my life. Whether I was a captain on a sports team, or helping others in school work or just general motivation, I've always loved helping people. After college I was in two marketing-related roles for two very different types of companies. Both had the their pros and cons, but I wouldn't give up those experiences and what I learned for anything.

Fast forward to mid 2014, I had a big push to get myself in better shape, (holidays, travel, and wanting to try every new food I came across in NZ really put a damper on my waistline). So I kicked my butt into gear (a few times) and eventually found an at-home fitness program that I LOVED! While my nutrition was still under construction, I came across a motivational, fit, and inspiring person that after months of following her on Instagram I decided I needed to take her up on this "internship" offer. Just as I tell the longest stories in history (hello, you're reading a novel about me, aren't you?), I proceeded to ask this Coach question after question about this business. While I was familiar Beachbody products, and had TurboFire already, I wasn't sure about the company from an employment/business position. But after hearing about her personal story, and doing a lot of research myself, I came to the conclusion that this was an amazing opportunity with endless possibilities, but it was all dependent on ME and my effort I put into this. To be clear, I don't work FOR Beachbody. As an independent contractor, I am making this business work for me, and simply using the amazing tools and products Beachbody has provided to help others see some healthy change in their lives. I am a true product of the product as I love using their at-home workouts (most of which are only 30 minutes each!) and fueling myself with the healthiest possible meal, each and every day! This may be my job, but you don't get in this business to make a buck - it's about helping people and inspiring those that want to see positive change in their lives and be proactive about their health. Diseases and illnesses are far too rampant, and I am doing what I can to prevent either from happening to me or my family. If I can help at least one person potentially prevent some sickness in the future, then I've succeeded. I'm blessed with the health I was given at birth, but it's up to me to maintain it and teach my current and future family what healthy living is about. It's also up to me to be a messenger to others when they need a helping hand. So you see, the purpose for being a coach is pretty simple, though not always easy. 

Whether you need a kick start with your health, or you want to spread the love and help others like I am, I want to hear from you! I'm looking for people that are open and willing to learn and who really want to see and feel a change in their lives. Get in touch with me! Use the contact form, or email me at and let's get talkin'!

Just a little bit about me, in pictures.