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I love food. Seriously, like a lot. Even while I'm eating, I'm thinking of my next meal. Because of this love, I've found that I really enjoy cooking and trying fun, creative recipes!. 

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Healthy & Happy

I'm not training for a competition, or training for a sports team. I simply value my health. I don't want to look back in 30 years and wonder what the hell I was doing to my body. I know that being healthy is not just nutrition, nor is it just exercise. It's a happy combination of both, along with a peaceful mindset.

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Wanderlust: Travel Bug

Living, adventuring, and eating our way through Kiwi-land. Recently we were expats living in New Zealand. Enjoy some of our adventures as my partner in crime and I explored the beautiful country. We hope you enjoy following our journey as much as we loved living it! 

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